Healthcare is a mess. It’s not “health care,” but sick care. Over the past several decades, medicine and science have discovered remarkable medications, surgeries, cures, and technologies to help us live longer. However, despite spending billions of dollars on healthcare, many still die of preventable illnesses. I believe, as do many others that this is because our health insurance and healthcare industry is focused on taking care of people once they get sick, but not preventing disease in the first place. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world. And most of it is preventable.

As a practicing cardiologist for over 24 years, I have seen the consequences of heart disease firsthand. People who used to die of heart attacks are surviving because of advances in coronary reperfusion technologies and medications, but people still have heart attacks in the first place. We are seeing an epidemic of atrial fibrillation, a leading cause of stroke, due mainly to its relationship to chronic diseases such as hypertension, metabolic diseases such as obesity, and lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol. What if we never had the risk factors that predispose us to these cardiovascular diseases in the first place? What if fewer people had obesity, sleep apnea, diabetes, and stress?

There are many proven ways to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease. However, they involve altering one’s lifestyle and habits, which are difficult for people to do and maintain long-term on their own.

My goal with starting Heart Health Prevention and Wellness is to take all I have learned from practicing cardiology in different settings to help you avoid heart disease. The keys to modifying cardiovascular risk are mindset work, diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. These keys, in turn, help you manage blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes which are strong risk factors for heart disease.

Through courses and coaching as well as my monthly membership, I help you achieve your wellness goals.

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