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Are you looking for a preventive cardiologist? Look no further!

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Who Should See a Preventive Cardiologist?

People with a family history of heart disease.

People with cardiac risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, and obesity.

People who have had a previous heart attack or stroke.

People who have been diagnosed with a heart condition and need help understanding their illness and want to avoid more problems down the road.

People who are at risk for heart disease due to age, gender, or other factors.

It’s also important to note that preventive cardiology visits can be beneficial for people who are generally healthy and have no symptoms of heart disease, as it can help identify potential risk factors and allow for early intervention.

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FrequentlyAsked Questions
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Yes, a monthly membership option is available for ongoing care.

The membership allows me to work closely with you to modify your cardiac risk factors.

Today’s technology makes it easy to see a telemedicine cardiologist.

We use a state-of-the-art video platform and digital technology to provide you with the same high-quality care you would receive in an in-person visit.

I apologize, but at the moment, our practice is not able to accommodate Medicare patients.

Consider enrolling in some of my other services, such as my Heart Health Foundations course or 1:1 coaching.

We follow a direct specialty care model, so the relationship is between the doctor and the patient, and no insurance is involved.

Often patients find that they save money paying the doctor directly without copays or deductibles.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Reach out to us with your questions via our contact form. We do our best to reply within 3 business days.

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Dr Paeschke is wonderful! Having had a heart attack two years ago, it’s an amazing relief to have an ongoing relationship with a cardiologist who is responsive, patient and super knowledgeable.
My prior cardiologist was the one who happened to be attending at the hospital. Perfectly competent but impossible to get any meaningful attention.
It’s the opposite with Dr Paeschke and the way she’s set-up her practice. I feel very fortunate!

David, Nevada

She really cares about her patients. She takes time to listen to you and she is so kind. I have been to many doctors but I have to say Dr. Paeschke is a doctor I will go back to.

Cathy, West Virginia

Great doctor. Sits down and listens to you and explains conditions. Truly a breath of fresh air.

John, West Virginia

I had a previous stress test and everything showed normal. Dr Paeschke opted to catheterize my heart. Massive blockage was found and I had bypass surgery. This saved me from having a massive heart attack. I was hospitalized 10 days and she was there to check on me each day. Thank you Dr. Paeschke. I have recommended Dr. Paeschke to 2 friends that have developed heart problems.

Joe, West Virginia